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Launch of Baby Gender Test with Maternal Urine

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 27 November 2013 – Leading international DNA testing company International Biosciences has recently introduced a new, scientifically advanced baby gender DNA test. This gender test distinguishes itself from other current methods for baby gender prediction because it is a urine-based DNA test with a higher accuracy of 99%.

Whilst expectant mothers would usually need to wait till their 18th week ultrasound to discover the sex of their baby, International Biosciences offers a test that is accurate at just 9 weeks. A spokesperson notes that whilst it might appear a recent fad, the desire to know the gender of a baby is omnipresent in all cultures for various reasons, one of the main ones being early planning; typically choosing the name of the baby, color schemes for the nursery and buying baby clothing. Occasionally some couples have sought their gender testing service for medical reasons as there are gender-related diseases caused by single gene defects which can cause couples worry. These diseases are usually always exclusive to, or prevalent in, male babies. Such diseases include hemophilia, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or Fragile X syndrome. If couples know or suspect that they have a gender-related disease in the family, they can carry out a baby gender test to help them know if there are any chances that their baby might be affected. They can then decide on the most appropriate type of prenatal and post natal care depending on the results”.

When asked about gender testing for gender selection, the company notes that as part of its corporate social responsibility and ethical stance with regards to the issue, although it can service anyone in any part of the world, it does not sell this DNA test in India or China.

International Biosciences remains at the forefront of DNA testing companies offering the widest range of DNA tests currently available. A spokesperson states “we have been working closely with our laboratories to develop news tests and broaden the range of tests we offer in order to meet the many, diverse needs of all our clients”. The company has consistently been expanding its core services over the years and 2013 has seen the introduction of its new prenatal testing services which include the urine-based baby gender prediction DNA test and a revolutionary non-invasive prenatal paternity test that is 100% risk free that only requires samples of maternal and paternal blood. Commenting further on the new prenatal testing services, they highlight the fact that both the services offered during pregnancy (currently baby gender prediction test and blood-based prenatal paternity testing) are entirely non invasive and risk free.

For its baby gender test, the company provides a kit which includes a special urine specimen sample collection cup. The cup is sterile and leak-proof and the kit comes in bio-hazard packaging made for transport of such samples. In order to ensure preservation of the fetal DNA in the sample and therefore maximizing the chances of successful laboratory DNA extraction, International Biosciences provides what it refers to as a “purple coloured urine preservative”.

Other similar tests on the market are blood-based. But these tests, besides requiring venous blood samples obtained by means of a finger prick using a sterile medical lancet, are not as accurate as a urine DNA test and offer results that are somewhere between 85-95% accurate. Elaborating on the science behind the urine-based test, a laboratory representative states the following “Once we receive urine samples we analyze the fetal DNA inside the sample using a process known as PCR (polymerase chain reaction). This process enables us to detect any Y-chromosomes in the samples. The presence of Y-chromosomes is definitively attributed to a male baby as long as our clients have followed all basic precautions to prevent contamination of the sample with foreign male DNA”. In order to ensure that results are always 99% accurate, all maternal urine samples are only handled by female laboratory staff and analyzed in a special zone in the DNA testing facility from which all male personnel are barred.

About International Biosciences

International Biosciences offer a wide range of DNA testing services, including paternity, siblingship and other relationship tests as well as DNA tests for immigration purposes, child custody cases and even DNA ancestry research. IBDNA also provide a comprehensive website,, detailing every aspect of the DNA testing process, showing everything from the differences between home DNA testing and legal DNA tests, to consent issues and understanding the final results report.

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